A Suite of Store Management Support Applications

VR200 works with applications for the effective use and management of sales and customer data. These applications provide powerful support for the centralized management and analysis of information.

A High-Performance Cash Register with an Enhanced Sales Management Application for hospitality market

It works with sales management application that supports efficient operations in hospitality market such as restaurant, café and bar etc.

  • Graphic table layout
  • Set Menu management
  • Multiple separate check
  • Sales report sent out by email
  • Void reason
  • Charge account
  • Enhanced Mix and Match
  • Happy hour in Bar with Restaurant
  • Various Sales report

Customer Management:

Customer Profile Lock in repeat customers!

  • Customer information
  • Purchase analysis
  • Rewards management

Reservation Management:

Easy Reservation Confirmation of future sales at a glance!

  • Reservation management
  • Order management
  • Reservation support

E-mail Remote Operation:

  • Reservation flash report
  • Customer flash report