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How to choose Point of Sale (POS) Printers?
If you own a business, then regardless of what you sell – groceries, food and beverage, retail, you need to serve your customers.
Cash Registers-how a simple machine can help you with sales
Cash registers made their way in Point of Sale in 1800s and have since come a long way. Business owners who do not wish to invest
A New Platform for Retail Innovation and PoS Transformation
Introducing the V-R7000 and V-R7100, retail business terminals equipped with 15.6-inch widescreen LCD.
An all-in-one POS terminal that combines a sophisticated body design with a full range of capabilities.
VR200 works with applications for the effective use and management of sales and customer data.
A Stylish Addition To Your Store Decor
The backlit two-line LCD is easy to read even in dimmed store interiors. The rear customer display reduces check-out errors and builds customer confidence by allowing customers to confirm sales transactions.
Ethernet LAN interface with FTP client/server communication.
The perfect blend of form and function! This versatile register offers high-performance features in a stylish, compact body. Ideal for retail formats ranging from small kiosks to large food courts.